The Evolution of the Rental Industry

by Perfect Portugal

With nearly 100 million nights booked and a 25-%-31% yearly increase in revenues amounting to $15.6 billion in Gross Booking Value, it’s no wonder that the entire world is looking at second and third homes and purchasing real estate with the sole purpose of making money.  

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For everything that Covid delivered in its miserable wake, the opportunity to make money out of the abandoned family pile was definitely one of its upsides.   


Back in the days before Google and personal computers, word of mouth and good old classifieds were the way genteel folk ‘’in the know’’ could read a gushing report of somebody’s rental home, send off a letter of reservation with a cheque (remember those) and several weeks later arrive at an unknown destination in the hopes that all would be as its was described, and somebody might show up to let you in.  


Fast forward to today’s technical era of online house tours, and most folk still find themselves in the same dilemma as several decades ago with no guarantees that the home will be as described with potentially nobody to let them in.   

The independent home host (there are now 4 million of them with Airbnb alone) has not undergone any professional training and often appears somewhat biased as to the actual quality of their own home.   


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Do not get me wrong, the big-name online rental platforms offer an exceptional product if you are a laissez-faire adventurer with no expectations and a diminished pocketbook. However, for those who have limited time to enjoy with family and friends and who work hard for their quality downtime, fulfilling expectations is key.   


Trusting a well-reputed agency whose largest source of income is from repeat guests and whose teams have been trained in home inspections and hospitality is for me as important as looking for a well-qualified dentist with years of experience!  


Tripwix delivers on its promise to provide selective homeowners with great guests in addition to a very healthy return on investment. At the same time, Tripwix guarantees that each selected home has been inspected by a professional with an interior design or hotel management background. And the icing on the top is the local ‘’friend-of-a-friend’’ ambassador, always there to greet you on arrival in addition to taking care of every detail of your stay. An old-fashioned concept in a hard-to-know-who-to-trust technological world.  


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