Promoting Portugal in the USA

by Perfect Portugal

Two events scheduled for June in California and New York will promote Portugal as a business and emigration destination for Americans interested in moving overseas.

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The events, entitled "Living in Portugal", are organised by Open Media and will feature several Portuguese companies in areas such as real estate, law and technology. They are scheduled for June 24 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, and June 27 at the Martinique Hotel in New York.

This will be the second roadshow of the year designed to attract North Americans who want to emigrate to Portugal, after two successful dates in February in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Bruce Hawker, CEO of Open Media said: "What all participating companies felt in San Francisco is that the public was much better informed and more ready to move to Portugal than the Los Angeles public, who were a more curious public".

The target audience, said Bruce Hawker, is varied. "In both places, we had a mix of retirees, who want to go to Portugal for retirement, and also younger people, interested in technology, the so-called digital nomads".

"In New York, I am expecting more second and third-generation Portuguese people, because there is a huge community in the surroundings, especially in Newark and many with great purchasing power", stressed Bruce Hawker.

Another company that will be back at the roadshow is Dengun, led by Miguel Fernandes, a digital agency.

"Our goal is to talk to everyone who is considering coming to Portugal and explain to them what we have in the entire innovation and technology ecosystem", said the executive, who already has around 80% of his clients in the United States.

Miguel Fernandes also participates in the roadshow on behalf of the Algarve Tech Hub, which he describes as "a regional movement to position the Algarve as one of the best 'lifestyle' destinations for foreigners".

The idea is to present Portugal (and the Algarve) as a digital hub. "Portugal is the best place in the world to live but it also has technology and hubs of innovation", summarised Miguel Fernandes.

Data from the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) indicates that, at the end of 2021, almost 7,000 new residents from the United States were registered, which represented a growth of 45%.

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